Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Notes - The Rationale for Sustainability

The following are notes for Working Toward Sustainability Ethical Decision making in a Technological World.

  • 70 documented definitions of sustainable development
Sustainability Interlude
  • Basic idea is to consume less than you produce
    • i.e. if you get interest of 100,000 dollars a year, only use that $100,000 that year, instead of dipping into savings
  • To apply this we go to a larger scale, where we have to allocate resources for the entire globe
    • how to distribute fairly
    • predicting the changing production and consumption
A Response to Crisis
  • Crisis of development
    • Proportion of those in poverty at about 20%
    • World is suffering from environmental crises and lack of resources, stressing the lower income more
  • 1983 U.N. convened World Commission on Environment and Development
    • later called Brundtland commission
    • address sustainability, provide reports on condition of globe
    • goals
      • basic needs of all humans should be met, poverty eliminated
      • limits placed on development because nature is finite
    • moral responsibility to future generations

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