Friday, November 23, 2012

Trivia - A Google a Day LXII

On what surface did Camille Pissarro render his 1885 depiction of the Gisors market?

As of 2012, which is the only NBA team named after an insect?
New Orleans Hornets

As of 2011, who is the only Canadian ever to have won one of Golf's Majors?
Mike Weir

Because Union officers thought him disloyal, the property of the commander of the Confederate Army was appropriated to create what burial ground?
Arlington National Cemetery

Who loaned Lee Krasner and her husband the money for the downpayment on a property with a house and barn in Springs on Long Island, New York?
Peggy Guggenheim

In 2011 researchers found a new way to test for Multiple Sclerosis. What element of the patient will be tested?
Patient's Breath

Whom did John Phillips not want in his band, convinced that her size would stand in the way of the group's success?
Cass Elliot

When neophyte screenwriter Sylvester Stallone presented his heartwarming script about a potential heavyweight champion to United Artists, whom did the studio push for the lead role?
Ryan O'Neal

What body of water is the southern boundary of the country that flies a flag that is comprised of vertical bands of equal widths of orange (at the hoist), white and green?
Gulf Of Guinea

What beach in the southern region of India's smallest state (by area) is particularly crowded in October when pilgrims flock to a local church of the same name?
Colva Beach

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