Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trivia - A Google a Day XLI

What did a 1998 study show to be more effective in treating depression than medication?

When the First Lady died in 1914, what child of Woodrow Wilson assumed the responsibilities of White House hostess?

In what state is the NCAA "Jayhawks" basketball program located?

In "Yanks in WW1: Americans in the Trenches" by Sean Price, who wrote the patriotic song mentioned on page 8?
George M. Cohan

What historical novel tells the story of a Civil War soldier who walked for months in an effort to reunite with his love, Ada Monroe?
Cold Mountain

What was the birthplace of the wife of the abstract expressionist whose last two paintings were "Scent" and "Search"? (City)

How many main islands comprise the only British territory that was occupied by Germany during WWII?

Though a meteorologist started it in the 1960s by tracking chaotic weather patterns and in the process gave us the Butterfly Effect in 1972, what trendy theory only made the talk show circuit via a 1987 best-selling book of the same name?

What famous route originally terminated at Oregon's first capital city?
Oregon Trail

Who, by virtue of his discovery of the Red Shift, set forth the foundation for the theory that has the same name as a sitcom that stars Jim Parsons?
Edwin Hubble

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