Monday, November 12, 2012

Notes - Initial Costs of a Wind Energy Project

The following notes are taken from Wind Turbine Technology by Ahmad Hemami.
  • There are a two types of costs
    • direct costs
      • ancillary components
      • controllers, transformers, etc
    • indirect costs
      • purchase of land
      • transport
Cost of a Turbine
  • tower, gears
  • nacelle
    • contains auxiliary parts such as heat exchanger
  • generator
  • gearbox
  • rotor
  • turbine controller
  • pad mount transformer
  • etc. measurements instrumentation communication control
  • Foundation construction
    • must be able to withstand all weight and lateral forces
    • diameter of tower often around 10-12 feet
    • diameter of foundation around 50-55 feet, bulk underground
  • Erecting the turbine
    • set up base
    • then tower arrives in 3-4 segments
    • All other components lifted and assembled at top of tower, lifting done by cranes
  • Transportation
    • transport to site non trivial
    • often distance is far from main roads so access difficult, and pieces are heavy and long
    • long vehicles necessary disturbs traffic on smaller roads, temporary roads may need to be constructed
  • Connect to grid, testing, commissioning
    • need to install transmission lines if not already in place
    • requires collector to act as substation before directing back to grid
  • Legal and Other costs
    • legality of right of way, negotiation with land owners
Value of Money
  • Future value of money is P(1+r)n
  • Present value of money is P/(1+r)n
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