Friday, November 9, 2012

Trivia - A Google a Day XLIX

What is the title of Michael Oriard's book subtitled "Making and Selling America's Favorite Sport"?
Brand NFL

She played the daughter in "Father of the Bride" and then went on in real life to marry eight times. Which of her husbands did she marry twice?
Richard Burton

What is the wooded mountain area on Germany's southwestern border with France that separates the Rhine from the headwaters of the Danube?
Black Forest

In the section before the foreword in Terrence Dickinson's book "NightWatch", what entity is named after the author in 1994?
Asteroid 5272

What is the birthplace of the individual who made a gift of Bo to the Obama Family in 2009?
Boston, Massachusetts

What was the name of the pilot who flew the world's first plane-dropped uranium-235 bomb to its intended target?
Paul Tibbets

From 1998-2006, this actor played Jack ("Just Jack!") on a popular American sitcom. How many awards did he win for this role?

In the 2000 translation of the oldest piece of English literature, who is the queen that is married to the Danish "ring-giver"?

Because he won the U.S. Open during one of the few years when that tournament was held on clay courts, what American tennis player became one of the only five men to have won Grand Slam singles titles on all three court surfaces?
Jimmy Connors

Which chapter speaks to the supplies one would need for celestial observance in the book "NightWatch" written by the editor for "SkyNews"?
Chapter Five

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