Saturday, November 24, 2012

Trivia - A Google a Day LXIII

Beenalaght, in the county of Ireland that includes the city of Mallow, is an example of what?
Stone Row

What artist accompanied Cook on his second expedition and produced notable paintings like "Tahiti Revisited, 1776"?
William Hodges

Who is the first winner of College Football's Heisman Trophy to have gone on to become a professional in the NBA?
Charlie Ward

As of 2012, in what county is the third busiest airport in the country of which "Amhran na bhFiann" is the national anthem?

According to Walter J. Fraser's book, what path out of Charleston was "bumper-to-bumper" by noon on September 21, 1989?
Interstate 26

What is the citizenship of the star signed to RBMG shortly after it was created in 2008?

Who is the wife of the giggling, iconic character, originally created by Chet Noice and debuted on television in 1965, that springs to life from ready-to-bake dough?
Poppie Fresh

Which NHL legend was born on the exact same day as the singer with multi-Platinum Heavy Metal band Cinderella?
Wayne Gretzky

What character from Greek Mythology does Eve mimic when she is sad and sitting by the pond in Mark Twain's account of her experiences?

Which MLB catcher shares his name with a former NFL quarterback and an Emmy-winning, Chicago-based news anchor?
Rob Johnson

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