Friday, November 30, 2012

Notes - Chapter 10 Summary

The following notes are taken from Wind Turbine Technology by Ahmad Hemami.
  • Turbine Controller
    • Wind turbine cannot work properly without accurate controls
    • monitors safe operation of turbine
    • takes action to correct faults, change electrical loads, and manage startup and shutdown
  • Mechanical and Electrical parameters much match for the balance of power in turbine
    • Mechanical
      • rotor speed
      • torque on rotor
      • power
      • blade pitch control/pitch angle
    • Electrical Parameters
      • Voltage
      • Frequency
      • generator speed
  • Can be designed for upwind or downwind configuration
    • downwind turbines have self-alignment passive yawing
  • Modern turbines have active yawing
    • rotate nacelle with respect to the tower
    • operating characteristic curve determines the power output at each wind speed
    • look-up table in the turbine control system
  • Wind Speed measured by anemometer
  • smaller wind turbines work based on stall control
    • power capacity lowers as wind speed increases beyond certain value
  • Park position using turbine brakes

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