Friday, November 30, 2012

Notes - Chapter 9 Summary

The following notes are taken from Wind Turbine Technology by Ahmad Hemami.
  • Gears are used to change the speed and torque between two shafts
    • driving shaft is the input 
    • driven shaft is the output
    • usually used as speed reducers, torque on output shaft larger than input torque
  • In wind turbines gears increase the speed of rotor to match higher speed of electric generators
  • Configurations for a pair of gears
    • Spur Gears the shaft are parallel
    • bevel gears shafts are perpendicular
    • worm gears shafts are perpendicular
  • Gears can be categorized based on the angle of the teeth with the body of the gears
    • helical gears have teeth cut an angle
  • Backlash is the free play between a pair of gears
    • optimally want to minimize
  • Planetary Gears

    • sets of gears with a particular arrangement
    • Sun Gear
      • output
    • Ring Gear
      • often stationary and doesn't rotate
    • Planet Gear
    • Arm
      • input
  • Gears can be combined in a gearbox, planetary gear combined with other gears
  • Lubrication is vital reduces friction, cooling, moves dirt and debris away
  • Alignment is also crucial
  • Damage leads to permanent failure
    • types of damage are fracture, bending, wear, fatigue, cracks, and scuffing

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