Sunday, November 18, 2012

Trivia - A Google a Day LVIII

Which was the only MLB team to win over 100 games in the regular season of 2011?

What structure, built in 1889 on the Champs de Mars in Paris, is nicknamed "la dame de fer"?
Eiffel Tower

What is the name of the gated resort on Dewees Inlet at the north end of Isle of Palms?
Wild Dunes

What is the procedure called by which a dolphin sleeps by shutting down half of its brain and the opposite eye, then alternating every two hours or so?

If you go to the location of the NY restaurant that was used for the exterior shots of Monk's Cafe, what university campus will you find two blocks to the north?

What marine group of giants left their usual dwelling in Baja California in search of more lantern fish in 2010?
Humboldt Squid

What game do Death and Life in Death play on their ghost ship for the fate of the sailor's crew in Coleridge's addition to "Lyrical Ballads"?

Who is the author of the book that was the source of the screenplay of the movie for which Anthony Minghella won the Academy Award for Best Director?
Michael Ondaatje

Which Ryder Cup golfer was born on the very day that Virgin Atlantic flew its inaugural flight from the UK to the US?
Dustin Johnson

What kind of radiation has the lowest penetrating power and can, in fact, be stopped by clothing?

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