Friday, November 30, 2012

Notes - Chapter 1 Summary

The following notes are taken from Wind Turbine Technology by Ahmad Hemami.
  • Wind has been a source of energy since ancient times
    • Persian Windmill Vertical Axis, 1000 years old
    • Dutch Windmill Horizontal Axis, built in 12th century
  • Early wind turbines much smaller than modern turbines
    • 4 MW
  • Earth has limited resources that must be balanced
  • Sufficient wind energy in the world to power everything but has difficult to use energy load
    • wind turbines have small production capability
    • requires smart grid to allow electric network to compensate for any additional loads or additional production
  • Electric Energy measured in KW hours
    • CO2 generated .712 kg per kw-hr
  • Wind development requires good wind profiling
    • wind speed increases with height

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