Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Trivia - A Google a Day LX

Which country won more medals in boxing at the 2004 Summer Olympics than any other including five gold medals?

In an 1883 portrait of Attila, King of the Huns, what color is his beard?

What was the nickname of the pitcher credited with throwing the first curveball in 1867?

In Samuel Clemens' story from the point of view of the first man and woman, who takes over the task of naming all of God's creations?

What river passes by the military base formerly known as LSA Anaconda?

In 2011 what kind of fruit did IVIA create a machine for that inspects for rot?

From what town's streets did Charles Darrow's original game take the names of the squares on the board?
Atlantic City

First called "The Warlocks", then "The Falling Spikes", this band finally settled on a name taken from the title of a book by what author?
Michael Leigh

What poem is Humbert Humbert's childhood love named after in Nabokov's 1955 masterpiece?
Annabel Lee

Who prosecuted, then later defended, the man whose life as a crime boss and heroin dealer was memorialized in a movie starring the actor who won the Oscar for Best Actor in 2001?
Richie Roberts

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