Useful Links

The following are sites that I visit for entertainment on a fairly regular basis, or that I just find useful.

Team Liquid -
The best site for all your Starcraft needs!
Twitch TV -
Personal Stream -
Gaming streams
Own3d TV -
The rest of the gaming streams
Day[9] TV -
Day 9 fighting! Commentary and analysis on Starcraft games
Just a random deck in Magic the Gathering I made

Mangareader -
For all the manga ever, and when that's not enough:
Mangahere -

Android Development:
Android Development site -
Android Article -,0
Using Python on Android

Class Web Sites -
Where I learned most of what I know
Where I went when I had no idea what my professors were talking about

Computer Science:
Python tutorial -
Perl tutorial -
Q/A site for Computer Science-


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