Friday, November 16, 2012

Notes - Conclusion Rational Thinking

The following are notes for Working Toward Sustainability Ethical Decision making in a Technological World.
  • Include awareness of cognitive limitations and biases
    • decisions ad infinitum not viable
    • improve decisions by consciously avoiding common faults/biases
  • Define system boundaries
    • figure out appropriate scope/scale of a decision
    • include both spatial and temporal effects, intergenerational effects
  • Identify important stocks and flows
    • think about rates of intake/outflow
    • when effects take place
    • be aware of full cause effect chain and timing
  • Identify feedback loops when possible
    • find out limitations of feedback loops
    • what mechanisms drive a loop
  • Increase information
    • educate all decision making bodies fully
  • Look at systems over events
    • figure out if an event was caused by a system or spontaneous events
    • if caused by system fix the system rather than focus on uncontrollable events

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