Monday, October 1, 2012

Trivia - A Google a Day XXIII

Who set a MLB record, surpassing Lou Gehrig, for playing in the most consecutive games before he retired in 1998?
Cal Ripken, Jr.

What is the given name of the youngest child of the "King of Pop"?
Prince Michael Jackson II

What period of U.S. history, lasting until 1877, followed the conclusion of the American Civil War?

What former editor of Time Asia wrote a book about the rare coronavirus that became an epidemic in China during 2003?
Karl Taro Greenfeld

How tall is the "Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility" creation?
Four Feet

Apart from Michael Jordan and Patrick Ewing who was the only NBA player in the Gold Medal-winning squads at the 1984 and the 1992 Olympic Games?
Chris Mullin

When the krewe that is the "King of Mardi Gras" makes its way along its traditional parade route, onto what street does it turn when it comes to the end of St. Charles?
Canal Street

George Read represented Delaware at the Continental Congress. What position did he old at the time of his death?
Chief Justice of the State of Delaware

What should every being in the universe never forget to carry with them according to the alien researching Earth in Adams' 1979 novel?

Beginning in 1894, a Russian jeweler was commissioned annually to make a special gift for the czar to give to his wife. What was the surname of this jeweler?

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