Thursday, October 11, 2012

Trivia - A Google a Day XXVIII

Following the 2010-2011 season, what state was home to two of the top five NCAA basketball teams to make the most NCAA tournament appearances?

When Omar Bradley appeared on the cover of Time magazine on December 4, 1944, how many stars are visible on his helmet?

Who was the first male in the open era to win three or more Grand Slam singles titles in a single calendar year?
Rod Laver

What was the major work of the woman that was married to the author of "To a Skylark"?

On what album cover did the Beatles wear their Most Excellent Order of the British Empire medals that they received from the Queen?
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

On what sea does the country with the world's only camel-backed bagpipe military band sit?
Arabian Sea

While performing as the One Percent in Jacksonville in 1970, the band introduced itself under a new name, inspired by a gym teacher with whom the band members had had run-ins. How did they later change the spelling?
Lynyrd Skynyrd

What two U.S. presidents died within a few hours of each other on the 50th anniversary of the document that declares that all Americans have "unalienable rights"?
John Adams & Thomas Jefferson

How many rooms are there in the safe house the prince has built to escape the pestilence in Poe's work about the plague?

Though this country shares four large lakes along its border with a neighboring nation to the south, none of these is the country's largest. What is the largest lake entirely in this country?
Great Bear Lake

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