Friday, October 5, 2012

Trivia - A Google a Day XXVII

What location, according to an article by BBC news on November 17, 2011, served as "the cradle of the nationwide movement" Occupy Wall Street?
Zuccotti Park

Who wrote the story of Lenny and George, two migrant farm workers in California?
John Steinbeck

What will you find on display at 106-114 Shakespeare Street, Southport, Lancashire, UK?

What is the color of the enamel used to cover the Faberge design created in 1898 for Czar Nicholas II?

What is the term used to refer to the time that is required for half of a radioactive substance to decay?

What was the most popular work of the author who also wrote under the pen name "A. M. Barnard"?
Little Women

What star was discovered by talent agent John Crosby when she threw a tantrum in a Los Angeles bank when the teller refused to cash an out-of-town check?
Charlize Theron

In what year did PBS first air the show that is now considered the first "reality" programming for television?
1973 or 1954 depending on definition of reality programming

Whose first paper, which won a Nobel prize, proposed that light was made up of small packets of "energy quanta", known today as "photons"?
Albert Einstein

What member of a famous retail family was having dinner with Frank McNamara on February 8, 1950, when McNamara paid for the meal with the first credit card charge ever?
Alfred Bloomingdale

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