Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Trivia - A Google a Day XXVII

Who scored twice for France in their win at the 1998 World Cup Final?
Zinedine Zidane

In Beatrix Potter's illustrations of Peter, what color is his jacket?

What Olympic gold medalist went on to play college football, as well as professional football, baseball and basketball?
Jim Thorpe

What is the movement of an electron from one orbit in an atom to another that emits or takes on a photon in the process?
Quantum Leap

Which of the two densest elements, named for the Greek word for "smell", was discovered by an English chemist who was also the first man to show that a diamond is a form of pure carbon?

What is the largest wetlands area in the U.S., designated by the Ramsar Convention as one of three of "global importance"?

In what Rodgers and Hammerstein musical's Chicago production did the father of the singer who swept the 1990 Grammy Awards with "Nick of Time" star as Curly?

In 2005, Variety magazine issued its list of "100 Icons of the Century". What was the name of only canine entry on the list?

After the bombardment and subsequent surrender of Ft. Sumter, four more states opted for secession. What one state tried initially to remain neutral?

If you started at the World's First International Dark Sky Park according to the International Dark-Sky Association and traveled on I-84 West for one thousand miles, which other IDA Dark Sky Park would you encounter?
Golden Dale Observatory Park

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