Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Trivia - A Google a Day XXVI

On page 7 of his 1989 book about the Liberty Bell, David Kimball writes that it is "our nation's most famous and most venerated _____"?

What famous chairman has one of the most popular "smart homes" located in Washington state?
Bill Gates

What is the astrological sign of the first child of the celebrity couple known as "Tomcat"?

What is the name of the vehicle the president hijacks in the first of six novels in Douglas Adams' surrealist series?
The Heart of Gold

In the show listed as #4 on TV Guide's 100 Greatest Episodes of All Time, where did one of the principal characters claim he was about to get a job?
Vandelay Industries

Who invented the system that measures the heat of chilies in SHUs?
Wilbur Scoville

Who was a player in two professional sports, an umpire in one, and is a member of three major sports halls of fame?
Carl Hubbard

What country's capital, in addition to being the only city in the country, has the longest place name in the world?

What does Charlotte write as a message to the farmer to encourage him to let the runt Wilbur live?
Some Pig

Who wore jersey #31, which was retired by the basketball program at the university that was created in 1924 by James Buchanan Duke?
Shane Battier

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