Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Trivia - A Google a Day XVIII

Because of the geometric shape of its territory, which European nation is often referred to as "L'Hexagone"?

Which country has been runners up the most times in the World Cup without ever winning it?

What is the surname of the group of sisters featured in the best known painting by their brother Branwell?

Under what title was the Beatles' 1964 film marketed in Italy?
Tutti Per Uno

What character in "Anna Karenina" did Tolstoy use to convey many of his own beliefs and struggles that are explored as several of the themes in the novel?

Who is the only person ever to win an NBA Championship, an Olympic Gold Medal a Rhodes Scholarship and a seat in the United States Senate?
Bill Bradley

The most remote island in the world is a dependent territory of what nation?

What movie was Peter Hedges inspired to write based on a combination of his mother's battle with cancer and a story he had heard about a New York City family's troubles with Thanksgiving dinner?
Pieces Of April

What did Galileo use as points of reference when tracking the rotation of the sun?

What mountain range lies between the locations for the launching and the landing of mission IML-1?
Rocky Mountains


  1. I think it messes up the game by posting these. Your page showed up as a first results on one of my searches. Just sayin'

    1. When searching for these don't you use the google search they provide in the game that only shows results from before google a day was released? That's the most fair way to play the game anyway since there are many other sources that also show answers