Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Trivia - A Google a Day X

As of 2012, what country provides 78% of its electricity through nuclear power, placing it 17th on the 2009 world list for carbon dioxide emissions, lower than many less populated countries?

Between August 12, 1908 and May 26, 1927, 15 million Model T's rolled off the assembly line in Highland Park, Michigan. Henry Ford said, "any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it" was what?

What was the nickname of the weaponeer on the aircraft that flew "Little Boy" to its intended target?
The little boy was the bomb dropped on Hiroshima by the Enola Gay, a B-29 flying super fortress.

Who collaborated with Langston Hughes on "Mule Bone: A Comedy of Negro Life in Three Acts", a play that was published posthumously in 1991?
Zora Neale Hurston

What is the date of the first known appearance of the celebrity ranked in 1996 by TV Guide as #23 on its list of the 50 Greatest TV Stars of All Time?
October 13, 1974

When sulfuric and nitric acids occur in high amounts in debris from the atmosphere, what is it called?
Acid Rain

Dawn Tinsley was a character in a popular British TV show that inspired an American version. In the American production, what is the original position of the character modeled after Dawn Tinsley?

How many yards was the last of Rob Bironas's record breaking eight field goals in a single game in 2007?

When measured from its base rather than from sea level, this mountain is the world's tallest. Where is it located?
The mountain is called Mauna Kea. 

Despite the depiction of those gathered at Lincoln's deathbed in Currier & Ives "The Death of President Lincoln", who was actually never present at Peterson House?
Mary Todd Lincoln
Mary was Abraham's wife.

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