Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Trivia - A Google a Day IV

Which boxer starred alongside Sylvester Stallone in the 2006 movie "Rocky Balboa" as Mason 'The Line' Dixon?
Antonio Tarver

What is the only bone in the human body that is not connected to another bone?

When NBC decided to replicate "The Office" for American television, who was the network's first choice for the role of Michael Scott?
Paul Giamatti

What boyhood friend of Paul Cezanne's is featured "in a Straw Hat" in Cezanne's painting c. 1870-71?
Gustav Boyer

At his retirement in 2006, what tennis legend was the most recent of only five players to have won all four Grand Slam titles?
Andre Agassi

What robot helped recover the black box from the 1999 disaster that occurred sixty miles from Nantucket Island?
The Deep Drone

Vincent van Gogh was the houseguest of a physician who treated him in his last weeks at Auvers-sur-Oise. What is the name of the painting van Gogh gave to the doctor to thank him?
Blossoming Chestnut Branches

Technically, what city is the world's largest in terms of square miles?

What is the term for an area of peatland that forms in a climate of high rainfall with a low evapotranspiration that allows peat to develop over large expanses of undulating ground?
Blanket Bog

What is the name of the first vessel that shipwrecked Jonathan Swift's main character, a traveling doctor, on an island out of proportion containing the Blefuscudians?

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