Thursday, September 27, 2012

Trivia - A Google a Day XIX

Named by Jacob Roggeveen, what island is world renown for its 887 moai?
Easter Island

Who played the role of Marty McFly for the first five weeks of filming of "Back to the Future" before he was axed by the director, who didn't feel the actor's "comic sensibilities" were right for the part?
Eric Stoltz

At what college did "Pistol Pete" play before going on to become an NBA legend?

What was the name of the British television show that inspired the American reality TV show that launched the career of Ty Pennington?
Changing Rooms

How many cervical vertebrae does the world's tallest mammal have?

What was the first piece that Inge Morath's husband put on Broadway?
The Man Who Had All the Luck

What is the street address of the venue that is home to the NFL team that was coached from 1997-1999 by the former Dallas Cowboys tight end who retired as a player in 1972?
1500 Sugar Bowl Drive

The spread of bacterium yersinia pestis is transmitted to humans by fleas that have lied on infected animals. But what animal was the source of the infection?

What is the capital of the nation that flies a tricolor flag that is comprised of vertical stripes of green (at the hoist), white (middle) and orange?

In terms relative to its own size, what bird lays the smallest egg?

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