Sunday, September 23, 2012

Trivia - A Google a Day XV

In what U.S. Supreme Court case did the court hold that suspects must be informed of their rights to decline to make self-incriminatory statements and of the rights to legal counsel?
Miranda v. Arizona

In 1979, the HSCA concluded the JFK assassination was the result of what?
A Conspiracy

Some sonnets are classified as "Italian" or "Petrarchan". What are the last six lines of this type of sonnet called?

The lead actor in the movie "Biutiful" was nominated for an Oscar as Best Actor. Who did this actor marry in 2010?
Penelope Cruz

What is the name of the venue where the winningest team in NCAA basketball history plays?
Rupp Arena

Which city has an NFL franchise name for the animal with the scientific taxonomy Panthera tigris

What June parade could you watch pass by if you stood along the Boardwalk near Surf Avenue in Brooklyn?
Mermaid Parade

Only one sport was wholly invented in the United States. On what street will you find the capital building in this state?
Beacon Street

The name of a now-extinct bird has come to be synonymous with being slow-witted. In what ocean will you find the nation that was once home to this bird?
Indian Ocean

What is the name of the presidential bodyguard who was infamously absent the night of April 14, 1865, having been sent to Richmond by the president?
Ward Hill Lamon

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