Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Trivia - A Google A Day III

Who played the role of the husband in the 1951 television series with a second episode entitled "Lucy Does A TV Commercial"?
Desi Arnaz

Inside the star Lucy in the constellation Centaurus directly above Australia is the world's largest what?

Which of Golf's Open Championship courses has the postal code CT13 9PB?
Royal St. George's Golf Club

According to the legend, who was led to the landmass beneath Australia by Te Wheke-o-Muturangi?

Colonel Tibbets flew a B-29 that he nicknamed after his mother. What was the code name of the bomb dropped from this plane on August 6, 1945?
Little Boy

The name of the post-war home of the president of the C.S.A. is French for "beautiful to see". If you visit this national landmark, what will you see directly across the street?
Gulf Of Mexico

Once known as the Erythraean Sea, this body of water connects to the Persian Gulf by way of what strait?

In whose name is the memorial hall that is located on the former site of Zhonghuamen Gate at the southern end of Tiananmen Square between Zhengyangmen Gate and the Monument to the People's Heroes?
Mao Zedong

What famous Renaissance playwright originates from the area known as Warwickshire?

The author of "Ten Days That Shook The World" is the only American to be buried in the Kremlin Wall Necropolis. What American playwright was a close friend of this author?
Eugene O'Neilla

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