Friday, September 14, 2012

Trivia - A Google a Day VI

What country, which declared it's sovereignty in July of 1990, celebrates Victory Day on May 9 each year?

What institution's entry way includes a pair of famous stone sculptures by Edward Clark Potter, which were originally named Leo Astor and Leo Lenox, in honor of the institution's founders?
New York City Public Library

What lake is the source of the greatest river in the United States?
Lake Itasca

What is the true identity of the vocalist "Joan S. Jonas" who teamed up with the Jonas Brothers to sing "That's Just The Way We Roll"?
Miss Piggy

What First Dog made headlines when he had a tonsillectomy shortly after his owner left the White House?

Some mammals, other than those in the family Suidae, take the name "boar". What requirement does an animal need to have to be termed a "boar" other than being fully grown?
Must Be Male

Into what animal did Belgian researchers introduce a variant of the disease CMT, one of the most common hereditary disorders of the human peripheral nervous system?
Fruit Flies

What does Jonathan Swift's outrageous written attack over the state of Irish/British relations sarcastically suggest the poor eat to quell their hunger and stop their poverty?

If you alphabetized the nations that have islands in the Arctic Ocean, which one is second on the list?

What was coincidentally invented while experimenting with CFCs and labeled PTFE?

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