Wednesday, February 6, 2013

EPA Coal Plant Regulations

These are notes from EPA Emission Regulations.
  • Proposed emission rules for EPA spell gradual demise of coal power generation
    • set a standard within capabilities of gas fired plants but impossible for coal w/o carbon capture and storage technology
    • transitional exemption to make change gradual
    • makes coal more expensive
  • Natural Gas has recently had a boom
    • EPA wants to entrench current advantage of gas
  • Limiting coal is part of a larger scheme to remake energy industry
  • EPA picks fights with coal-state democrats
    • aggressive pushes to control emissions
    • multiplying congressional enemies
  • Most promising technology integrated gasification with integrated carbon capture and storage
    • nowhere near commercial use
  • Dangerous powers for an organization to have
    • through the use of regulations, EPA has controls on which industries can succeed or fail in the energy industry
    • EPA has the ability to bypass Congress
    • however the powers currently being used are done with forewarning

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