Thursday, February 14, 2013

DnD Towers Campaign - Second Tower

The Second Tower

The tale of the second tower is a bit different from the first. Why do we call it the second tower? Was it the second tower to fall? In fact, it wasn’t. Heroes were taking down towers left and right, freeing more and more people from their sleep. Many towers fell before this one. Its called the second tower because it is the second most significant tower that was destroyed. 

A group of adventurers different from the first woke up to a town under siege. A small group of demons were attacking the townsfolk and the adventurers rushed out to fight them. Luckily, they were so strong that the demons were defeated with ease. The townsfolk told them about how one day these attack just started happening, and it seems that the demons emerge from the tower floating nearby. Again this tower was different from the first, normally a tower is seen just hovering above empty ground, but this time it floated above a gigantic magical glyph.

The heroes went up to the tower and found the entrance charred and partially destroyed, which was odd since the tower seemed in no danger of falling despite the damage. The heroes cautiously entered into the tower and were greeted by a well organized team of adventurers. Although individually weak, they worked extremely well in tandem and nearly defeated our heroes. However when they were defeated they did not fade into mist, they simply died. The enemies in this tower were not figments of dreams, they were real people!

As they approached the entrance to the next level in the tower, they heard the sounds of a corpse being dragged across the ground. They entered in and found two swordmages, one which drew power from the shadows and another who drew power from his draconic heritage. They were disposing the bodies of a group of adventurers that they had just defeated, and so our heroes were able to take advantage of their fatigue and overwhelm them. Once again their corpses remained.

In the final level of the tower the heroes took down a powerful necromancer who summoned undead dragons to fight against them. It turned out that this necromancer perverted the tower to his own uses in order to summon demons and send the dream beings out of the tower to attempt to conquer the surrounding areas. Luckily, he didn’t have very much time to practice this power before the heroes defeated him so his control over the tower was still weak despite the massive amounts of work put into the glyph below and on the walls of the tower. The other people in the tower were all disciples of the necromancer and were following orders to help set up the controlling glyphs and defend against intruders.

This was the first recorded attempt of someone using a tower to his own ends instead of trying to destroy it, and others would follow his example. Some folk even formed cults in order to keep the towers standing in the hopes that they would be drawn back into the magical sleep of the tower. We named these people collectively as dreamers. There isn’t an organization of dreamers yet, but these madmen have grown in number over the years and pose a significant threat to the goals of the reclaimers. This is our second enemy.

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