Thursday, February 14, 2013

DnD Towers Campaign - Third Tower

The Third Tower

The story of the third tower is both grand and simple. It serves as a warning to always be vigilant of what towers are capable of. In this case a band of powerful warriors ascended to slay a tower. When the entered, they saw something truly amazing. The interior of the tower was not limited to the size seen from the outside, they arrived in the middle of a gigantic battlefield in an open plain next to a forest. They became part of the dream world created inside this tower and became members of the losing army. A few hundred against a horde of thousands.

Through deception and trickery they managed to isolate the generals of the opposing army away from one another and assassinate them. Even though their bluffs weren’t always successful, through luck and coincidence everything worked out to let them fight in small skirmishes instead of facing the might of the entire army working against them. In the end the sheer battle strength of this group of adventurers proved too much for the dream army and they emerged victorious, defeating the tower and destroying it.

This goes to show that you never know what to expect inside a tower, the possibilities are endless, and you must rely on your wits and teamwork in order to have any hope of prevailing against these towers.

Thank you for your patience young Reclaimers. My name is Tom the Bard and I wish you luck in your travels! Now we shall split you into teams in order to address some urgent situations at hand.

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