Friday, February 15, 2013

DnD Tower Campaign - The Beginning


Sleep, if you're not dreaming, how do you know time passes? Have you ever had a dream where you just lie down, then suddenly you wake up? There's no way to know how long you've been asleep. That's what happened to everyone in the world. You've been awake for only a short time, recently woken up in a strange room surrounded by a horde of unfamiliar people. They told you that you've been asleep for decades. They recognized that you had weapons and armor nearby, or perhaps a spell book and brought you into their halls. These people are called the Reclaimers and you're now one of their recuits. All the other recruits have a similar story some have only been awake for a few days others for a full month. Oh you get to go back to sleep, its not like your awake all the time, but you haven't fallen back into "sleep". You have been told that you must fight for a cause and today the senior Reclaimers have gathered you into an audience room to explain the history of the world. An old man walks into the room, and begins telling us some stories.

Recruits, Its time for a history lesson so gather round and listen well...
He tells you stories about the towers.
The first tower was taken down by a band of adventurers who spread the word of a being called he who sleeps that holds most of the world in thrall.

The First TowerThe second tower was taken down by a group of adventurers who found out that the towers could be warped and twisted with dark magic to serve mortals.
The Second TowerThe third tower was taken down by a group of adventurers who found out that the towers were evolving or growing in complexity, manifesting the combined dreams of an army of thousands.
The Third TowerThe old man in finishes telling his stories.

My name is Tom. I allied with some of the heroes who took down the initial towers, and created this organization. Our task is simple, take down the towers to fully awaken the world and return it to normality, defeat the dreamers who seek to either control or protect the towers, and to protect the people who have awakened from threats that have also awakened.

It is your duty to do this regardless of the affiliation you had prior to falling asleep. Not even the gods are fully able to interact with this world anymore due to He Who Sleeps, so whoever you followed before cannot guide you now. You will aid senior members as they venture out to take down towers, but your goal is to take care of the communities that have awakened. Later on when you have become more powerful you can aid in the destruction of the towers, but as of right now we know your fighting strength is not nearly enough to take them down. It would just cause your deaths. Frankly we are understaffed and we need help to take care of the villagers, and we need your help to do so.

Casts dancing lights

You four come with me. The newly formed group of adventurers ventures outside of the room and see two men and one woman. You will accompany Thrace, Theska, and Ana to the town of Tesser. Thrace will fill you in on the details.
(Thrace is duskblade, Ana is beguiler Theska is Dragon Shaman.)

Tom leaves and Thrace speaks.

There’s a tower near the town Tesser. The people there reported raids from some kobolds in the nearby area. They have someone tracking the location of them but they need help in order to wipe them out. We’ll rendezvous with you and return back here afterwards. If we take longer than a week to destroy the tower, return without us.

The group uneventfully travels to Tesser. There isn't much time so the recruits and seniors just work together on their own teamwork along the way. Upon arrival at Tesser, the town mayor greets the groups.

"Thank God you arrived, please the tower's to the south, as you can plainly see. We've also managed to locate the kobolds at a hillside a few miles east from the town, quickly I can guide you there!"

The group splits up to their assigned tasks.
Party ends up defeating the kobolds wandering the hillside and some pseudonatural bears.

Party begins exploration of the cave. They manage to defeat a few more groups of kobolds in the area but get pushed back and retreat to the town.

The weather has changed slightly, although it was previously sunny, it is now much colder and it appears that a fog has rolled in. Thao has acquired a riding dog from local residents as thanks for their work, and the townsfolk provide the party with 3 potions of cure light wounds.

The party hears a loud drum at the side of the town, a
lizardfolk accompanied by two elemental grues walk in holding a human prisoner. “You dare attack our coalition! Filthy Humans! We captured this human snooping around our camp and we know there were others that came from this village! Bring them forth so that we may exact retribution!” After some banter the lizardfolk commands his elementals to attack but he himself gets quickly dispatched with one sapphire nightmare strike from Sablefox.

“My name is Gil, thanks for saving me! I was the one who found the location of the cave, and informed the mayor, but I didn’t think he’d send you there so quickly! I haven’t finished scoping out the full force of what we have to deal with.

“The problem is far worse than I originally thought. Something has organized the monsters in the wilds and they’ve been preparing for an assault on this village for a long time already. How do you want to deal with it?”

  1. There’s a small summoning shaman they’ve been using to summon elementals, they’ve amassed a small force that could be devastating to the village. This is within the cave.
  2. Attack a separate group of pseudonatural lizardfolk to the north of town of the town.
  3. The main force of kobolds are amassing near the west of town directly attack them.
  4. Arrange a defense, prepare for a stand in the center of the village, gather civilians into buildings near the center of town.

The party meets a weapon smith named Zur who gave them all access to his smithy and gave them masterwork weapons.

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