Thursday, December 5, 2013

Notes - An Application to Treaty Verification

The following are notes from Introduction to Cyrptography with Coding Theory.
  • This method will essentially describe the RSA signature Scheme
  • Example
    • Countries A and B have signed a nuclear test ban treaty
    • Country A wants to verify the treaty by placing sensors in B
      • Country A wants to ensure sensors are sending correct data without tampering
      • Country B wants to look at the message before its being sent to ensure that espionage data is not being transmitted
    • A chooses n = pq to be the product of two large primes and chooses encryption/decryption exponents e and d
    •  n and e are given to B but p q and d are kept secret
    • sensor collects data x and uses d to encrypt x to y ≡ xd (mod n)
    • both x and y are sent to country B to check that ye ≡ x (mod n) and then to Country A to ensure that the number x has not been modified. If x was modified it would be the same difficulty as decrypting the rsa message x

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