Thursday, December 12, 2013

Battery History

The following are notes on battery history
  • History of Batteries
    • 2000 years ago Baghdad battery
      • created in Mesopotamia 
      • Jar of ceramics created with a speculated structure of copper with walls of iron
      • if filled with unknown composition of electrolytes meets the requirements for a battery
      • Maybe used to plate gold onto silver?
    • 200 Years Ago Animal Electricity
      • Galvani while doing a dissection a steel scalpel touched a brass hook that was holding a frog leg in place
      • Battery composition
        • Steel scalpel has iron 
        • brass hook has copper
        • preservatives acted as electrolytes
  • First Battery
    • Voltaic Pile 
    • set of individual galvanic cells placed in series
    • copper and zinc stacked together with electrolytes sandwiching the two metals
  • History of electrochemical energy storage
    • Galvani
    • Volta - Voltaic Pile 
    • Daniell - Zn/Cu Cell
    • Faraday - Basic Principles of electrochemistry
    • Grove - H2/02 cell
    • Plante - Lead Acid Cell
    • Leclanche - Zn Carbon dry cell
    • Edison Zn/Ni and Fe/Ni cells
  • Modern Batteries
    • modern development started around half a century ago
    • Solid Electrolytes
      • 1966 Yao and Kummer Beta Alumina Solid Electrolyte: Fast Na Ion Conductor
      • birthed solid state ionics
      • Rubidium silver iodide
    • Internal Phenomena
      • Whittingham steele insertion reaction electrodes
      • created Le/TiS2 cells
      • Sony commercialized the first Lithium ion batteries

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