Saturday, December 1, 2012

Notes - Chapter 13 Summary

The following notes are taken from Wind Turbine Technology by Ahmad Hemami.
  • The wind loads on all parts of a turbine ultimately transferred to the ground
  • Each component must be strong enough to withstand their loads
    • dependent on turbine rpm, and wind
    • do not diminish when turbine is at rest, only changed
    • Aerodynamic forces are top heavy, so the blades and rotors are subject to periodic forces
    • Frequency of these forces is 3 times the speed of rotation
  • Natural frequency is an intrinsic property of any mechanical component with flexibility
    • each blade, hub structure, main shaft, tower are principle components that contribute to natural frequency
    • natural frequencies must not be able to excite one another
    • blade in particular and any other turbine components under cyclic loads are subject to fatigue
    • vibration is undesirable, causes early failure in components

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