Saturday, December 1, 2012

Notes - Chapter 12 Summary

The following notes are taken from Wind Turbine Technology by Ahmad Hemami.
  • Transformer is a necessary electrical device for any wind turbine
    • steps up the voltage from generator to the collector for the grid
    • Transformers either step up or step down voltage and are called as such
  • If transformer is not used to change voltage, it is used to protect a device and is called an isolation transformer
  • Ideal transformer is used for calculations, assumes no losses so output power equals input power
  • turns ratio
    • ratio of windings between winding 1 and winding 2
  • Autotransformer has only one winding for input and output, tapped for electricity at variable location
  • pad-mount transformer is mounted on flat surfaces, pole mount on poles
  • Rectifiers convert AC to DC
    • bridge rectifier, single phase or three phase
    • low power uses diodes
  • Ripples in DC is the fluctuation of voltage about a nominal value instead of being constant
  • Inverters provide AC voltage from DC source
  • Thyristor is a component used in rectifiers and inverters used for switching

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