Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Natural Gas Notes

Notes from Natural Gas Report
  • Natural Gas Implementation
    • truck stops require restyled fuel pumps
    • ports will send new tankers
  • Oil and Natural gas on the rise reported by US EIA energy information administration
    • potential boom, growth outstrips demand
    • Texas to Pennsylvania
  • Natural gas for fuel rise 12 percent per year through 2040
  • LNG(Liquified Natural Gas)
    • 40 percent below price of diesel for next 3 decades
  • EIA projects predict rise from less than 1 percent of energy used in transport to 4% by 2040
    • not for average drivers only truckers
    • infrastructure is limiting factor as well as amount to put in vehicle
  • Industrial Renewal
    • manufacturing output increases 2 percent per year over 3 decades
    • Petrochemical companies such as Dow, Formosa Plastics, Shell, Chevron
      • plans to build, reopen or expand NA production
    • EIA's outlook is fairly positive until 2025 where other nations development produces more efficient facilities
  • Export Battle
    • rapid US move into natural gas
    • 1.6 trillion cubic feet by 2027
    • exporting by ship requires
      • super chill of gas at liquefacation plants, shrink to 1/600th size
      • insulate tankers
      • costs billions of dollars
    • proposed 9 LNG export projects
    • potential to export in solid form instead of liquid
  • No revolution
    • not projected to unseat oil, or displace coal for electricity
    • expected to share 30% natural gas by 2040
    • reduction in carbon emissions
    • EIA projection not in line with pure sustainability, little uptick in electric vehicles, and clean renewables

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