Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Computer Science-GTK

GTK is a Gnu version of Qt, a packaged gui builder. It builds off of the X window system and was originally designed for GIMP. The following is to help with the installation of it, but since it uses jhbuild to automatically download and compile source code, its not too difficult to follow.

First find the shell script to run here.
scroll down to the procedure section, and follow the instructions to set up GTK. The text for the script can also be directly found here, execute it after retrieving the text. If you want you can use the curl command to directly get the txt from here:
After the script is downloaded, go into terminal and cd to where the script is located and run the following 4 commands.

sh gtk-osx-build-setup.sh
jhbuild bootstrap
jhbuild build meta-gtk-osx-bootstrap
jhbuild build

These commands are also located as comments within the script.

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